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What You Need to Know About Home Alarm Systems

Home alarms systems are a wonderful way to keep your home and family safe. Though your home may have an alarm system, or you are planning to get one soon, the tool is only as good as its user. In other words, you need to know how to use home alarm systems in order to properly protect the ones you love.

Control Panels

Typing alarm code 187979771Let’s first take a look at the basic components of your standard home alarm system. Every home alarm consists of a control panel. The control panel is where the system wiring terminates and is also where the backup battery can be found. On the control panel is a keypad. The keypad is where you can program the alarm, give basic commands, and where you can arm or disarm your home security system.


Sirens are very important in deterring criminals. Having a good siren will perform two functions: letting an intruder know they have been caught and alerting you and your family that there is an intruder. Motion detectors are placed strategically throughout the home to trigger the alarm. There are many different types of motion detectors. There are passive infrared, microwave and photoelectric detectors, all of which can sense changes in a room that would signal the presence of someone in the room. Motion detectors have advanced to the point that there are special detectors that can differentiate between a human and a household pet moving through a room.

Take Care for Design

Doors and windows are easy access points for home invaders. Home alarm systems may come equipped with magnets where the window slides or door swings open. When the magnets are separated, the magnetic electric circuit breaks and the alarm is triggered. Emergency stations (police, fire, or medical) can be sent a signal when the circuit is broken. These emergency stations are run twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Types of Alarms

There are many different types of home alarm Planificacion security systems 174481579systems to choose from. It is crucial to find one that is tailor made for your personal lifestyle. They can take into consideration your schedule and can help to protect the things and people you value above anything else. When you have your home alarm system installed, make sure to talk to the professional performing the install to learn all of the features and how to best utilize them for the best protection. It has been statistically proven that the better you know how to use your home alarm system, the less likely you are to have a home invasion or a false alarm.

There are a number of additional devices that help make successful home alarm systems. These devices include:

  • Panic buttons can be placed anywhere in the home(like near a bed, counter or door) or can even be hand-held. They will trigger the alarm from wherever they are at and can send a distress signal to an emergency service station.
  •  Security cameras capture images of home invaders and can be transmitted to a closed-circuit television that can allow you to view or record whatever is picked up by the camera.
  • Alarm screens can be custom made with special wire woven into the mesh that will trigger the alarm if cut or removed.
  • Smoke detectors can signal a fire and be set with home alarm systems to make a call to your local fire department.
  • Pressure mats can be placed to trigger alarms when stepped on.
  • Glass break detectors can actually recognize the sound of breaking glass to signal an alarm.

It is key to remember that a monitored alarm system will send a signal out to an emergency monitoring station whenever the alarm is activated. So whenever a window or door is opened, or a glass break detector picks up on the sound of breaking glass, a signal will be sent out to the emergency monitoring system. You will receive a notification normally before the police or fire department is brought in. This is a precaution to help avoid false alarms. If there is no response from you, or whoever answers the notification does not give the correct passcode, the emergency monitoring station will call the proper authority. They will also contact whomever you have chosen to represent you to make sure someone can meet with the proper authorities on scene.